the founders


I must say, when I first met this rag tag bunch of hooligans, I could not believe how uncivilized they were. But when Ben, George and Paul invited me to share a fresh barrel of their famous cider, I knew that they were more than they seemed.

Although I would like to take credit for brewing my share of cider for the group, it was reallly my sweet Abby who had learned from her father how to make the best cider around.


Sam gets all the credit for the brewing in Massachusetts. Jeez, put his name on a few beer bottles and the world thinks he's "Mr. Beer". Please, he could barely hold is brew.

It was Johnny and I who shared the best cider in all of the Massachusetts Bay; and when Ben and George joined us, it was truly a side splitting evening. Whether it's a long day in the shop or a ride out to lexington and back, nothing quite quenches my thirst like a Revere family brew.


When I first road into Philadelphia, Ben mentioned to me that cider abounded in this fare city. After a few days on Market Street, I could bare contain my joy. And when John showed up, that's when things got REALLY crazy.


Oh what a fun gang we were. One time, we all had so much cider and ale that I thought it would be funny to attach a key to a kite and fly it in a lightning storm. It rocked! I totally proved the power of electricity!