You’ve heard of us. Maybe someone bought you one at the local pub. Maybe you’ve seen the cider lying around the shelves at the local supermarket. Whatever your motivation, you’re here because you are at least mildly curious as to why our cider is so different and so delicious.  Well, search no further – we’ll just tell you.

Jonathan Gradman, Co-founder and Cidermaster, did a lot of historical research on cider before settling on a formula. It makes sense – he studied American History in depth at Brandeis University.  Our apples were selected because they share qualities with apples used by cidermakers in early America. Maybe that’s why our cider tastes so … historic.

Making cider is risky business. Not only is it extremely hard to control the fermentation process exactly, it is also difficult to ensure that you get quality ingredients, every single time. Well, we’ve done just that. In partnering with a local orchard to get only on the freshest ingredients, we are able to secure first rate apples every time. The juice is pressed fresh at the orchard and trucked 48 miles to the cidery, where it begins fermentation the very same day. Once fermentation begins, we carefully control numerous factors to allow the yeast to do its work in peace. Because happy yeast makes incredible cider.

LOCAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                It’s a fact that the transportation of food products and packaging accounts for 40% of the world’s fuel emissions. We at Gradman Brothers think that’s way too much. We obtain our juice from local orchards. Our bottles come from a local supplier. And our consumers are almost all from Philadelphia, just a few minute’s drive from the cidery. We make our products locally, and they are enjoyed locally. How’s that for environmentalism?

Our product is delicious. It isn’t candy, sweet, filling delicious. It’s more like I-had-a-rough-day-killing-grizzlies delicious. It won’t fill you up like sweetened ciders, and might just inspire you to declare a Cider Revolution – just like we did.