Truly Revolutionary.

This incredible journey to rediscover unadulterated American cider began in 2005, when the Gradman Brothers were reunited in the great, historical city of Boston, Massachusetts. Gideon had recently taken a new job in the Back Bay, and Jonathan was just over the river in Waltham, finishing his degree in American History and making fantastic cider by hand for his roommates, friends, and soon-to-be friends. The Gradman Brothers would meet on the weekends and discuss the challenges of the week over a tall glass of hard cider. They would reminisce about times past, and dream about a better future – a future where cider didn’t have to be sickeningly sweet and uninteresting. There was better cider out there and they knew it. Neither of them could know that in five years’ time, that dream of true cider would become a reality.

After graduating Brandeis University, Jonathan knew he wanted to learn more about apples.  Real, New England apples. So he moved slightly closer to Gideon, settling in Cambridge’s Central Square. From there, he would wake at 6 AM every morning and take the 40 minute drive to rural Massachusetts. He wasn’t taking the drive for kicks; this area is a large orchard region, and orchard workers are needed in the fall to assist with harvesting and cider pressing.  Each day he would collect apples, operate tractors, and sample the cider at the cider house.  And with each passing day, he would gain more valuable knowledge about the time honored varieties of cider apples, and the true methods for turning them into hard cider.

Meanwhile Gideon was also learning – learning how to make businesses stronger and more profitable. Having spent years learning all about the energy industry and advising companies on how to develop new resources, he turned his attention to renewable energy while still keeping an eye on agriculture, both because of his interest in biofuels….and his fascination with cider.

And that’s when it happened – Jonathan decided to pursue his dream and was accepted into the prestigious Master Brewer’s Program at the University of California at Davis. The program was focused on beer, but since beer fermentation is pretty much the same process as cider fermentation (and because California is a lot warmer than Boston) he accepted the spot. There he learned the intricacies of brewery operations, design, process engineering, and beer quality control, and as he learned this important information, he was mentally applying all his lessons to his cider. After graduation, Jonathan worked in the brewing industry to better understand what it takes to successfully run and operate an alcohol manufacturing business. He also did two years in sales, in order to learn the process of selling a product and how to create a brand image. At that point, they were ready.

In 2009, the Gradman Brothers teamed up again to launch Revolution Cider, a genuine, small batch, soon to be beloved American drink. Its predecessors were produced in Colonial times, and we produce it now, authentically, in the modern day.

Times Change – Cider Shouldn’t. Join the Cider Revolution.