Making Old-Style Cider for a Modern Palate

January 31st, 2011

by jonathan

It is a challenge to recreate a style of cider that was popular over 200 years ago.  First, the only information we have are old recipes – you can’t go to the corner store and purchase 200 year old cider.  Second, the modern palate doesn’t necessary like the same flavors that were popular in Colonial times.  Therefore, we may recreate the product but it may not taste good to us.

For these reasons, our Cidermaster, Jonathan Gradman, did a lot of historical research into different popular styles of cider from Colonial times.  He found dozens of recipes, all of which had something to offer in terms of flavor, color, and aroma.  He then sought to merge these different recipes into something that would be popular in the modern day.  He also uses modern fermentation techniques and testing in order to produce a cider that is up to modern health and quality standards.  It was no easy task, but we feel that he’s done a phenomenal job.

New Batch Ready for Bottling

January 26th, 2011

by jonathan

A new batch of cider is ready for bottling.  And what a job it is!  Each bottle is cleaned and sanitized by hand with a mechanical washer and then primed with priming sugar.  The bottle is then filled and capped by hand, and then a label is applied, one by one.  It’s a labor of love, and we love every minute of it.

This batch came out especially great.  The cold temperatures have allowed the cider to ferment at a slow pace; this lets the natural fruit flavors develop during the fermentation process.  This was also a particularly flavorful batch of fresh juice.  A big thank you to Weaver’s Orchard for another great tasting supply of sweet cider!

We will finish bottling this week, and then the cases will be left to carbonate for another week or two.  Look for our product soon!

Welcome to the Cider Revolution!

January 25th, 2011

by jonathan

Welcome to our new website!  This blog will be a source of information about Revolution Cider and its development.  We look forward to sharing with you, and we welcome your feedback!